Markea Dickinson-Frasier

Markea has operations expertise through working at Unilever in various end-to-end supply chain roles, including a Production Manager in a manufacturing facility for 2 years. She worked in consumer goods for 4.5 years prior to pursuing her MBA at Yale School of Management. After recognizing the vast amount of use cases in socializing Thermaband’s vision at inception with classmates (such as chemo-induced menopause for breast cancer patients), in addition to her personal struggle with anemia and cold sensitivity, she welcomed the opportunity to launch an equitable solution for women to navigate thermal discomfort.



Destroying the Menopause Stigma

Like puberty, every woman will experience menopause – a natural evolution of the reproductive cycle. Yet, there is shame associated with aging and menopause which leads to isolation and suffering in silence. Thermaband founders Debbie Dickinson and Markea Dickinson-Frasier believe that you are in control of your comfort, and that empowering women in this important stage of your life is crucial. They will discuss how women’s perspective, voices, and ingenuity are essential. Numbers don’t lie, so know your numbers, lead with them, stick to your market segment despite pushback, and be empowered to “Make the Ask”. These entrepreneurs believe you should take advice with a grain of salt because female founders are often over-mentored and under-funded.