Marilyn Hollinger

Marilyn Hollinger’s passion is designing and building experiences that delight users and maximizes productivity. Currently, she run the User Experience team at Betterworks. Early in her career, she implemented office systems, learning from PARC UX designers. Next, she designed and implemented the first GUI tools for the Oracle database. Marilyn build the first UX team in Server Technologies at Oracle, working on the experiences that enable system administrators and DBAs. She was promoted to Director, and started her work with Diversity teams, founding Oracle Lambda. Then, she worked at Intuit on consumer products, at Genentech on their corporate intranet, and at Guidewire on software for the insurance industry and kickied off their mentorship and Pride initiatives. She led Design and User Enablement at MarkLogic, to improve the experience of implementing applications for the MarkLogic server. She has continued Diversity work, and has mentored about a dozen women over the years.



Building and Managing a UX Practice

Marilyn Hollinger (Senior Director, User Experience at Betterworks) will cover optimizing interactions with your UX team and Product Management and Engineering, share key elements of managing a successful UX team, and discuss the steps in the growth and maturity of a UX team.