Maira Benjamin

Maira has over 20 years of experience in the realm of software development. She’s worked in different industries: Digital Imaging, Databases, Insurance, Finance, Travel, and Music. She’s held a variety of positions with different focus areas of Technical Support, Maintenance, New Development, Consulting, and Management. Maira is a Director of Engineering at Pandora. Previously, she was the Manager of Music Engineering at Pandora. She’s written a technical book titled, “C++ and Corba Programming.” She has presented papers at an AI conference, an HP conference, and specific company-focused conferences. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Statistics from U.C. Berkeley and has taken classes towards a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies degree from Mills College in Oakland. She’s currently studying Machine Learning. Maira’s particular passion is diversity in technology. She is of mixed heritage: Hispanic and Black. Her interest in technology has meant that she has worked in all-male teams and until recently, she has usually been the only female engineering manager. She’s worked with inner city kids mentoring and introducing them to STEM concepts.