Maggie Nelson

Maggie is an Engineering Manager at Dropbox. Previously she was Director of Infrastructure Engineering at GitHub. She is passionate about building great technology to help engineers build even greater things! Maggie has been building great social networks most of her career — GitHub, Flickr, Nokia’s MOSH, BlackPlanet.com, and even dabbling in social features of Amazon.com. Most recently Maggie was the VP of Engineering at Findery – a social travel app. Maggie loves building products with great engineers, focusing on moving fast and building for scale. She lives in SF with her husband, son, and cat. Maggie is a graduate of New York University with a degree in Computer Science. She is interested in making the technology world more inclusive and diverse.



Maggie Nelson - GitHub Director of Infrastructure Engineering

Maggie Nelson shares her career journey and advice as GitHub's Director of Infrastructure Engineering at the GitHub Girl Geek Dinner on August 19, 2015.