Kristen Warms

Kristen is an L&D expert, having built award-winning learning-experiences that speak to our human-ness, first and foremost. She is driven to create more inclusive, affirming work-places for people (especially women) to thrive. For the last decade, she has helped organizations grapple with what it means to create meaningful work and healthy workplaces via learning, team building, and purpose-creation. She currently runs the global onboarding experience for early-career talent at Atlassian–helping to drive the conversation about how we cultivate new tech talent. She is a recent transplant to Seattle (by way of Austin, TX) where she enjoys gardening, yoga, and exploring the beautiful PNW with her family.



Career Growth for Humans

Kristen Warms (Senior Program Manager, R&D Learning Enablement at Atlassian) discusses her approach career growth and bringing your best self to work. She shares advice for managing different personality types and generations of employees, and learning to give yourself grace as you navigate your career. She broaches the career buffet concept among many inspiring ideas for career growth for humans.