Kimberley Parsons

Kimberley Parsons is passionate about helping leaders develop and deliver on the full power of their leadership, so they can catalyze higher levels of performance and results in their teams. Her pragmatic yet compassionate approach to coaching and strategic facilitation, ensures her clients better understand their teams, resulting in increased productivity and sustainable transformation. With deep experience in technology and talent development, she has led high-stakes business initiatives and developed differential investment leadership programs. Kimberley is co-director in Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching program and has a BBA and MS in Computer Information Systems.



What Every Leader Should Know To Catalyze Higher Team Performance

Kimberley Parsons (CEO of Bamboo Teaming) shares a time-tested approach distilling team functioning into four interrelated dimensions, with concrete guidance to implement for improved team performance. She explores common “hot spots” that can make or break team functioning, and the corresponding team leadership behaviors you can cultivate to overcome them.