Kellee Van Horne

Kellee Van Horne is Director of Client Success at Affirm, a financial technology company focused on providing honest and transparent products to consumers. At Affirm, she leads the big box and mobile client success teams, which partner with enterprise retailers to offer best-in-class pay-over-time financial programs to consumers. Previously, Kellee spent 7 years as a sales and marketing leader at LinkedIn, driving demand for and adoption of flagship SaaS products. She’s also held a range of financial leadership positions, including Chief Financial Officer for Africa.com and lead financial manager for a food sustainability start-p. Kellee holds an MBA in General Management from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and an AB in Psychology from Harvard College.



Start With Who: Choosing Your Next Career Opportunity

Kellee Van Horne (Director of Client Success at Affirm) shares guidance from her time counseling younger employees about career moves. She distilled the guidance into 3 key principles: choose your boss and reporting chain carefully, prioritize roles where you have a differentiating skill or area of expertise, and be clear on what skills or content you want to learn in your next role.