Katie Fujihara

Katie is a software engineer on the Collaboration team at Webflow, where she also co-leads the Asians @ Webflow affinity group. Previously, she founded and ran a tech meetup in Portland focused on career development for folks who are new to tech. Katie is passionate about helping people from underrepresented backgrounds get involved in tech, and creating safe spaces for them to feel welcome.



Self Advocacy: Webflow Girl Geek Dinner 2021

Hosted by Webflow VP of Engineering Arquay Harris, Webflow Girl Geek Dinner livestreamed on October 28, 2021 featuring women at Webflow speaking about product strategy, code reviews, data engineering, and self advocacy. Don't miss the discussion with Webflow women answering audience questions about their personal career journeys, the BEST career advice, and real advice on tackling imposter syndrome.