Katherine Wu

Katherine is a senior software engineer at Heroku. Prior to Heroku, she was a software engineer at New Relic. Katherine hails from New Jersey, land of the Jersey Shore and Bruce Springsteen both. She graduated summa cum laude from Boston College with a B.S. in Biology and then joined Google. Currently, she is a product specialist on the DoubleClick for Publishers enterprise product suite. Working closely with Sales, Services, Eng, and PM to improve our product in a scalable manner, she prioritizes feature development and manage feature releases. One feature she recently released was a tool that eliminated ~200 support tickets quarterly. Outside of work, she enjoys learning to create things from scratch (cooking, knitting, sewing) and it dawned on her that she wanted to have such capabilities at work as well, instead of only relying on persuading others to build features or tools. Katherine attended Hackbright Academy chose her final project based on using something totally new to her (working with hardware) that would have obvious practical applications.