Julie Larson-Green

Julie is the Chief Experiences Officer of the My Life & Work Team, which is a part of Microsoft’s Applications and Services Group. She previously led the Devices and Studios group with responsibility for all hardware development including Xbox, Surface and accessories. She also oversaw Microsoft Studios, which includes development of games, entertainment and premium content experiences for all devices across the company. In her 20 years at Microsoft, Julie has also been involved in defining products and customer experiences that touch more than a billion people, from developer tools in her early years to multiple versions of Internet Explorer, Office and Windows. In each role, she has balanced breakthrough design, such as the Ribbon in Office and the full redesign of Windows from the chipset to the experience, with a deep understanding of current customer needs and expectations. Julie led the product planning, design and delivery of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, including the transition to a more collaborative cross-company rapid development and updating process. Her leadership responsibility extended from program management, design, research, development and testing across all international releases of Windows to Internet Explorer, Windows Services and Microsoft Surface. Julie earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Western Washington University, and a master’s degree in software engineering from Seattle University. A native of Washington state, she lives there with her husband and two children.



Girl Geek Dinner

Microsoft hosts a Girl Geek Dinner on April 24, 2014 in Mountain View, California.