Jessica Sahagian

Jessica Sahagian is the Director of Engineering at connectRN, and founder of Appraisely. Prior to connectRN, she held tech and finance positions at Fidelity, MITRE, and Raytheon. AnADHD/autistic, Jessica champions women’s neurodiversity in tech. When not at work, she can be found painting and bingeing true crime documentaries.



Neurodiversity @ Work: Afternoon Keynote

Jessica Sahagian (Director of Engineering at connectRN) champions women’s neurodiversity in tech. As an ADHD/autistic, she talks about why women’s neurodiversity gets overlooked, and shares tips on how to attract and hire neurodiverse candidates – and how to create an atmosphere conductive to amplifying these voices. Don’t miss her advice for shining as a neurodiverse woman in a neurotypical work world.