Jenna Cooke

When Jenna discovered how CSS can be used to design websites in middle school, she began customizing websites using CMS software available in the early 2000s. After re-igniting her passion for analytical thinking via a web design and development program (whilst throwing her “dream” career in art and design out the window), she has enjoyed developing dynamic, database-driven web applications in her career.

Currently, she’s contracted full time for a SAAS company working on all aspects of the application and API that’s built in a PHP-based system (custom CMS as well as Laravel). Databases are Jenna’s “jam” and designing the structure behind data-driven applications is her favourite thing. Lately, she’s been interested in furthering her knowledge about AWS cloud services and the security behind web applications.

In her spare time, she loves to try new cookie and baking recipes (for both her and her 2 dogs), creating art, and volunteering with Canada Learning Code as both a mentor and an instructor.