Jenn Clevenger

Jenn Clevenger is an Engineering leader with experience across industries and technologies, from designing and writing enterprise trading software, to forensic data analytics for institutional clients. She currently leads Data Engineering at Etsy. Her teams are responsible for designing, building, and innovating the systems that enable Etsy to leverage data at scale. They enable product innovation, machine learning, and data-driven insights so that creative entrepreneurs can thrive and grow in Etsy’s unique and vibrant marketplace. As a woman and parent navigating a career in tech, Jenn is passionate about sharing her experiences and career journey with other women and working parents, demystifying the journey to leadership, and speaking honestly about what has been difficult (but gratifying) about her path.



Engineering Leadership

Jenn Clevenger (Etsy Senior Director of Engineering), Kamilah Taylor (Gusto Head of Financial Products Engineering), Sukrutha Bhadouria (Salesforce Director of Engineering) and Willie Hooykaas-Baldwin (Salesforce VP of Engineering) discuss all things engineering leadership. Learn why they got into management, their favorite parts of their jobs, and how they each work to ensure a sense of fairness, inclusion, and diversity within their teams while also building a culture of psychological safety. They'll discuss the importance of sponsorship, mentoring & growing your personal network and share tips for building a network and nurturing those relationships. They'll also tackle subjects like coping with mounting responsibilities, learning how and when to ask for help, hiring to backfill your weaknesses, recognizing when it's time to change your leadership style, and some of their proudest accomplishments!