Jenie Gao

Jenie is a Director of Engineering at LinkedIn. During her seven year(+) tenure with the company, she has risen through the ranks from a senior software engineer in LinkedIn Flagship product development focused on projects that help drive site growth, user engagement and content creation to now leading a team of engineers developing the company’s presentation infrastructure. Prior to working at LinkedIn, Jenie worked at Google, startups and IBM, so she’s very familiar with what is takes to succeed at fast-paced technology companies in Silicon Valley. With a data and backend engineering background from her time both at LinkedIn and Google, Jenie understands that technology enables and transforms businesses. She believes people and culture are fundamental building blocks of great technologies, and ultimately, code is written to benefit human lives. It’s Jenie’s goal to undo technology isolation and utilize technology to strengthen our notion of society, enhance our connections to others and help each other. It’s her passion to help others reach their goal and progress in their careers. She strives to build trust and enable people to take risks to reach their potential.