Jen Cohen

Jen Cohen is the Vice President of Operations at Toyota Research Institute (TRI), responsible for Information Technology, Internal Communications, Facilities, and Data & Information Policy as well as helping support Human Resources. She joined TRI in December 2017, formerly serving as the Senior Director of Information Technology, and expanded her role into operational management in August 2018. Prior to joining TRI, she spent the last 20+ years in operational, IT, and development roles, leading major operational and IT projects and teams at Cisco, Birkenstock, Convention Management Resources, and Line2. Her most notable achievements span from increasing uptime, reducing fraud, improving CSAT scores, onboarding tools to advance remote- and field-work capabilities, and rebooting and modernizing platforms. Jen is a major advocate for staff development through coaching and mentoring practices. Having a solid track record of optimizing and empowering Operations and IT departments, including building full technology platforms, Jennifer carries a strong DevOps background to operations management with a focus on emergent technologies and best practices.



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