Jayeeta Putatunda

Jayeeta is a Senior Data Scientist with several years of industry experience in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Statistical Modeling, Product Analytics, and implementing ML solutions. Currently, she is building Generative AI solutions at Fitch Ratings, a global leader in financial information services. She is an avid NLP researcher and gets to explore a lot of state-of-the-art open-source models to build impactful products and firmly believes that data, of all forms, is the best storyteller.

Jayeeta led multiple NLP workshops in association with Women Who Code, and GitNation among others. Jayeeta has also been invited to speak at the International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2022), ODSC East, MLConf EU, WomenTech Global Conference, Data Science Salon, The AI Summit, and Data Summit Connect, to name a few.

Jayeeta is also an ambassador for Women in Data Science, at Stanford University, and a Data Science Mentor at Girl Up, United Nations Foundation, and WomenTech Network where she aims to inspire more women to take up STEM. She was also selected to judge The AI Journal Global Excellence Awards 2023! Jayeeta has been nominated for the WomenTech Global Awards 2020 and has been spotlighted in the List of Top 100 Women Who Break the Bias 2022.