Jayashree Subrahmonia

Jay is head of product for Intel AI Decisioning Platform at Intel. Prior to Intel, she was at IBM driving Cloud architecture, development transformation and operations excellence to deliver Cloud capabilities to market. Her team also works with clients adopting public and private cloud to help transform their businesses. Prior to this role, Jay was VP, Development for Core and Healthcare Products in the IBM Watson Group. Prior to joining IBM’s Software Group, Jay was at IBM’s T J Watson Research Center, developing state-of-the-art online handwriting recognition engine technologies, where she managed a business partnership with A T Cross to create CrossPad, a pen-based tablet platform and product development for the Pen interface for IBM’s ThinkPad TransNote product. Jay has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Brown University and B Tech in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. She has 20 patents filed, 14 issued; and 9 IBM Awards.