Janet George

Janet is a Fellow and Chief Data Scientist at Western Digital. She is a technical leader with more than 15 years of experience in Big Data Platform, machine learning, distributed computing, compilers, and Artificial Intelligence. Previously, she served as managing director, chief scientist, and Big Data expert at Accenture technology labs. She has also served as head of Yahoo Labs Research Engineering, inventing next-generation platforms, cloud infrastructures, and machine learning for Big Data, as well as at eBay and Apple. Janet holds a Bachelors and Advanced Master Degree with distinction in Computer Science, Mathematics, with a thesis focus on AI and ML.



Data Science & Climate Change - Janet George (Western Digital Chief Data Scientist) at Elevate 2019

For the very first time in our history, we can collect incredible amounts of data at scale. Modern data infrastructure enables the documentation and recording of billions of species and data science allows us to collect, analyze, predict and slow down the speed of extinction. Western Digital Chief Data Scientist Janet George will walk us through her extensive research as well as share tips on infrastructure stacks and strategies for processing massive amounts of information.