Jacqueline Brown

Jacqueline is a Director of Quality Assurance at Workday, where she leads a team of Quality Engineers. She and her team are responsible for the planned and systematic set of activities that ensure delivery of quality software code with reduced risks and few defects. Jacqueline started her career in corporate finance and accounting and after many years working for some major corporations, transitioned to QA. As a Quality Engineer, she found it rewarding to test and provide a “user” perspective to product design and usability. As a leader, a role she finds even more rewarding, Jacqueline provides continuous support, coaching and mentorship, while balancing anatomy and managing. She takes tremendous pride in the accomplishments and successes of her teams and the individuals. Jacqueline is a native of Washington DC. After high school, she moved to California and several years later she earned her Master’s at the University of San Francisco while working full time and raising a young son. When she’s not working, Jacqueline enjoys all things related to health and fitness. She loves shopping, dancing, reading, traveling and spending time with her husband of 20 years.