Heather Pujals

Heather is a Growth Product Manager focused on optimizing the consumer experience at Postmates. Her background in design, linguistics, and cultural studies aids her in doing qualitative user research, which she pairs with quantitative data and an ongoing cycle of experimentation to inform the acquisition, activation, and retention strategies that keep Postmates growing as fast and as scalably as possible. She’s the founder of the GI Jane group at Postmates, an open-minded space for women + allies to discuss news, tech culture, and their personal/professional growth. Heather stays sane by drinking lots of tea and going on camping trips with her dog.



Girl Geek X Postmates Dinner & Talks

Over 150 girl geeks came to Postmates Girl Geek Dinner to hear women share insights about leadership, product engineering, growth, learning to code and more on November 7, 2018 at Postmates HQ in San Francisco! Speakers from Postmates include Allie Morse (Director of Launch & Expansion), Heather Pujals (Growth Product Manager), Samantha Phillips (Product Manager), Bianca Curutan (Mobile Engineer), Christine Song, (Software Engineer) and Amrit Bhatti (Technical Recruiter).