Ginger Holt

Ginger Holt is a Senior Staff Data Scientist at Databricks. She develops forecasting and predictive models for revenue, sales, capacity, and other business planning needs. She obtained her Ph.D. in Statistics from Rice University where her research was in multivariate time series analysis. She was an Assistant Professor of Systems and Information Engineering at the University of Virginia from 2005-2009 where she conducted research on multivariate time series methodology development. She has researched prediction methodologies in many different applications including computational finance, retail, capacity planning, environmental networks, cyber security, ecology, and econometrics. She has also worked at Meta, Walmart Labs, and HP, forecasting capacity needs and demand, and at BP as a quantitative analyst developing forecasting methodologies used in trading energy derivatives and technical trading strategies.



How To Take Control of Your Career

Ginger Holt (Senior Staff Data Scientist at Databricks) distills career advice gleaned over a decade of working in academia and corporate / startups. Clarity, consensus and inclusion is key.