Erin McGowan

Erin is the associate site lead at Indeed’s Seattle office, where she embraces the opportunity to help grow the next generation of engineering leaders. She is passionate about software quality, working with teams to decrease release friction, and ensuring engineers at all stages of their career have the right growth opportunities. Erin had over a decade of experience in auto test automation before moving into a technical leadership role. She participated in GHC19 as a session chair and outside of work, she enjoys hockey. You can often find her at the rink with her family or curled up watching a Penguins game.



Girl Geek X + Indeed Lightning Talks and Panel

Hear from women who help get people jobs! The evening at Indeed began with tech talks on A/B testing and AMP for email, followed by a “Women in Leadership” panel. We heard from several women in technical leadership roles, from open source, to software engineering, at Indeed, to hear how they navigated their roles in a male dominated industry, how they were able to find work at a company that supports them, and how they continue to shape the company culture. This event was recorded on November 5, 2019 at Indeed's San Francisco HQ.