Erin Dees

Erin recently joined the Client Relationships team at Stitch Fix. Her team is responsible for helping clients get the most out of their next Fix. Before she came to Stitch Fix, she made big architectural changes safely to complex systems at companies like New Relic and Tektronix. Erin’s favorite engineering problems to solve are big, thorny, legacy system snarls.  She has written or co-written five books on programming, most recently Effective Testing With RSpec 3. When she’s not behind the keyboard, you can find her racewalking, coaching athletes, and playing board games. Erin lives with her wife, three amazing children, a cat, two dogs, two chickens, and two goats. Seriously, ask her about her goats!



Girl Geek X Stitch Fix Dinner

More than 250 girl geeks attended the Stitch Fix Girl Geek dinner for an inspiring evening of conversation with women from their Technology & Data Science teams, with talks focused on how partnership impacts their product, technology and culture. Speakers included Cathy Polinsky (CTO), Emma Colner (Software Engineer), Anna Schneider (Data Science Manager), Erin Boyle (Data Scientist), Bingrui Tang (Senior UX Designer), and Erin Dees (Principal Software Engineer). Recorded at Stitch Fix HQ in San Francisco on May 7, 2019.