Erin Bradner

Erin is Director of Robotics at Autodesk. She has been a practicing User Researcher for over 15 years. Most recently, Erin managed user-experience projects across several of Autodesk’s engineering and design products. She researched topics ranging from the future of computer-aided design to how best to integrate marking menus into AutoCAD. Prior to Autodesk, Erin consulted for tiny start-ups, such as the one that designed the first cloud storage in the nineties, and large institutions such as IBM, Boeing and AT&T. Erin is a student of the human mind. She has a B.S. in Cognitive Science and a PhD in Information & Computer Science. Erin’s dissertation work focused on the effects of communication technology on interpersonal behaviors such as persuasion, deception and trust. She has published in journals and proceedings in the field of Human-Computer Interaction and presented at conferences on the topics of distance collaboration and remote work.



Girl Geek Dinner

TechShop hosts a Girl Geek Dinner on September 9, 2015 in San Francisco, California.