Elizabeth Bennett

Liz Bennett has specialized in the realm of streaming infrastructure her whole career. She got her start working on the News Feed at LinkedIn, then moved on to Loggly, a SaaS based log management company. Following that, she was the technical lead for Stitch Fix’s logging infrastructure where she built all of the real-time data integration systems that empower Stitch Fix’s legion of Data Scientists. Being such a huge fan of Kafka, she recently decided to join the Kafka mothership, a.k.a Confluent, where she is now a Software Engineer working on Confluent Cloud.



Scale Your Career with Open Source: Girl Geek X Confluent Talks & Panel

Learn more about personal journeys in the world of open source technologies and how it may open new career doors. This Girl Geek X Dinner was recorded at Confluent’s San Francisco office on September 29, 2019.