Elene Terry

Elene Terry runs the System On a Chip (SOC) and System Architectures teams within Microsoft’s Silicon and System Architecture group. At Microsoft, Elene has worked on projects such as XBOX One Silicon, Microsoft Band validation, Azure Sphere, and of course, system architecture and silicon for HoloLens, including the first holographic processor. She is currently developing silicon in the datacenter. Prior to Microsoft, she worked at AMD and Intel in architecture, design, verification and physical design roles.



Girl Geek X Microsoft Hardware Lightning Talks

When you think about Microsoft, hardware seldom comes to mind. Yet in the South Bay, the teams rooted in this sector of technology are growing. They are focused on delivering products and innovations in Silicon, HoloLens, and Azure Stack Edge. This event was recorded on February 25, 2020 at Microsoft's Sunnyvale office in California.