Eileen Grimes

Eileen’s journey started with a love of math and problem solving and even taught high school math. She earned her degree in the subject, began a career in technology, and became a certified Six Sigma green belt. Amid all her analytical and technical work, she realized her true passion: helping others reach their full potential.

For over a decade, Eileen has focused on culture development and inclusive leadership. She co-founded a women’s leadership program – work that earned her a global award – that included leading annual leadership development cohorts. Her work ignited an organization wide movement in establishing a formal DEI branch. She has also been a trusted resource for the CIO Executive Council presenting her expertise multiple times with their Pathways participants.

Eileen is the kind of leader who brings out the best in people. As Chief Growth Officer at JLCG, she draws on her expertise in inclusive leadership, systems thinking, and organizational metrics to help businesses and leaders flourish.

Eileen believes that powerful things happen when children feel seen, heard, and understood. Her book, The Us Journal: A Journey of Love and Discovery fosters open, heartfelt communication between parents and children. Rooted in her own trauma, memories of feeling invisible in her own childhood, combined with her professional background as an educator, Eileen created this practical and effective tool to help parents forge wholehearted connections with their children through the practice of mindful journaling.

Outside of work, Eileen enjoys spending time with her two kids, gardening, hiking, and cheering on her alma mater Gonzaga University. Her entrepreneurial spirit also led her to author a first of its kind parent and child journal and start a podcast on living in purpose.

At the heart of it all, Eileen relishes the opportunity to help humans thrive. By cultivating an environment of growth, learning, and connection, she empowers everyone around her to do their best work and embody their fullest selves.



Are You Brave Enough To Write Your Eulogy?

Eulogy writing is a mechanism to reshape your life, define your own path, and live your fullest life. In this ELEVATE session, Eileen Grimes (Founder of Loved As You Are) shares her inspiring story. She will empower attendees with reflection prompts for those looking to build trust in themselves and dig in to living their fullest lives. She uses activities for how to move forward after introspection so as to move past the “stuck”.