Dr. Yelena Gorlin

Dr. Yelena Gorlin joined Bosch’s Silicon Valley Research and Technology Center 2.5 years ago to work on future energy technologies. Currently, she is part of an interdisciplinary team, looking to develop advanced battery management systems based on physical understanding of battery components. Prior to joining Bosch, she had graduated from Stanford University with a PhD in Chemical Engineering and conducted Postdoctoral Research in Technical Electrochemistry at the Technical University of Munich. When not working on future energy technologies, Yelena can be found competing on an Ultimate Frisbee field with San Francisco Fury.



Girl Geek X Bosch Lightning Talks

On August 21, 2019 more than 150 girl geeks attended tech talks at Bosch's Sunnyvale office. Lightning talk topics included IoT, AI, and Human Machine Interaction.