Dr. Uma Krishnamoorthy

Dr. Uma Krishnamoorthy is the Director of Robert Bosch Research Technology Center’s Microsensor System Technologies and Multiphysics Modeling Department in Sunnyvale, CA. She leads teams of scientists and technology experts responsible for identifying and shaping innovations in intelligent sensing and modeling & simulation technologies that fuel Bosch’s future product lines for Mobility, Industry and Energy solutions. Dr. Krishnamoorthy has extensive experience in R&D technology and management within industrial, academic and national lab settings. Prior to joining Bosch in 2015, she worked at Sandia National Laboratory, Albuquerque, NM in various technical and leadership roles. Her postdoctoral research at Stanford University focused on optical microelectromechanical systems for telecommunications and spectroscopy applications. She holds B.S. EE and Ph.D. EE degrees from Drexel University, PA, and University of California, Davis, respectively.



Girl Geek X Bosch Lightning Talks

On August 21, 2019 more than 150 girl geeks attended tech talks at Bosch's Sunnyvale office. Lightning talk topics included IoT, AI, and Human Machine Interaction.