Divya Mahajan

Divya is a Director of Architecture at Fidelity Investments responsible for setting architectural direction and strategy for Fidelity’s High Net Worth (HNW) customers in the Alternative Investments space among other things. Previously, she was a Director of Architecture in the Cognitive Computing space building out Fidelity’s Virtual Assistant platform to create conversational experiences for its customers. A developer at heart, she loves to see how her work makes her customers lives better. She graduated from WPI with a Masters in Information Systems. Divya lives with her husband in Southern NH. Outside of work, she is an avid hiker and can be found on mountains of NH to Africa to South America. She also taught herself to play the guitar during the pandemic and loves strumming away in her spare time. 



AWS, GraphQL, with Apollo, Vue.JS: Delivering Enterprise-Grade Applications

GraphQL allows consumers to get exactly what they need, with a significant performance boost. In this video, Divya Mahajan (Director of Architecture at Fidelity Investments) and Maria Lucena (Director of Architecture at Fidelity Investments) will cover some GraphQL fundamentals and AppSync, AWS’s implementation of GraphQL. Next, they'll explore a Vue.js SPA that leverages the Apollo-Client to connect to AppSync with Cognito. They'll also examine how a mixture of AWS services -- including S3, Route53, and CloudFront -- can be leveraged to serve the application safely and reliably.