Debbie Dickinson

Debbie is an experienced Harvard Law benefits attorney, Wharton Business School alumna and Lecturer, as well as a serial entrepreneur. As a perimenopausal woman battling hot flashes, Debbie envisioned a discreet smart tech wearable to provide thermal relief, utilizing digital health data, and founded Thermaband with her daughter, working diligently with Yale scientists, physicians, engineers and a highly involved community of women. She is passionate about women’s health, wellness and rebranding menopause as a natural and empowering phase of life, by shattering negative stereotypes. She is also an advocate, speaker, author, change agent and happily married mom of four.



Destroying the Menopause Stigma

Like puberty, every woman will experience menopause – a natural evolution of the reproductive cycle. Yet, there is shame associated with aging and menopause which leads to isolation and suffering in silence. Thermaband founders Debbie Dickinson and Markea Dickinson-Frasier believe that you are in control of your comfort, and that empowering women in this important stage of your life is crucial. They will discuss how women’s perspective, voices, and ingenuity are essential. Numbers don’t lie, so know your numbers, lead with them, stick to your market segment despite pushback, and be empowered to “Make the Ask”. These entrepreneurs believe you should take advice with a grain of salt because female founders are often over-mentored and under-funded.