Danjue Li

Dr. Danjue Li is currently a director of product engineering at Equinix, where she leads an engineering team to build new edge services product offerings for the company. Before joining in Equinix in 2016, Dr. Li co-founded a company in the domain of sports analytics and served as its CTO. Before that, she was the chief software architect and founding engineer of a startup company called FixStream Networks and also worked at Cisco for a couple of years in multiple roles. Dr. Li received her Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of California, Davis. Her experience spans various technology domains, including video streaming, Peer-to-peer networking, data analytics, and cloud computing.



Girl Geek X Equinix Lightning Talks

Girl Geeks gathered at Equinix's Sunnyvale office to hear lightning talks from Sara Baack, Chief Product Officer; Dr. Yun Freund, VP of Engineering; Dr. Danjue Li, Director of Product Engineering; Rozanne Stoman, Director of Applications; Dipti Srivastava, Senior Manager, Product Software Architecture & Engineering.