Daniela Steinsapir

Daniela Steinsapir is a highly experienced design professional with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. Currently serving as the Senior Manager of Experience Architecture at Autodesk, she is responsible for leading the design and research strategy for the Visualization team and Generative AI Trust – Red Teaming research. Daniela is passionate about creating user-focused and enriching experiences, using design strategy, and experimental methods to unleash the full potential of innovation. Before taking on her current role, Daniela served as the experience design leader for Autodesk’s Education Experiences, where she spearheaded the transformation of certification and learning programs. Daniela holds a master’s degree from Stanford University, in Learning Design and Technology and has experience in new media art, robotics, virtual reality and in artificial intelligence.



Building Trust Through Collaboration: Empowering Customers For Responsible AI Development

In this ELEVATE session, Daniela Steinsapir (Senior Manager, Experience Architecture, Autodesk) shares insights and learnings about customer trust and concerns regarding enterprise data sharing, intellectual infringement, and future of creativity. She reveals her tips and tricks for designing and executing this hands-on research exercise, which creates conditions for designing with customers instead of for customers.