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Visit us at CodeSee’s booth at ELEVATE Virtual Conference & Career Fair on March 8-9, 2023 by clicking here – it’s FREE to register & join online!

ELEVATE Conference and Career Fair CodeSee virtual recruiting booth

❤️ DEVELOPERS! CodeSee CEO and founder Shanea Leven is speaking at ELEVATE (March 8-9) Virtual Conference & Career Fair!

👩🏾🚧 She is speaking on March 8 (Int’l Women’s Day) on navigating onboarding onto a company’s legacy codebase (why it sucks & how to make it work for you). She will share tips, tricks, and tools to make this easier, and support your mental health when dealing with code overwhelm. Don’t miss her livestreaming talk

👩🏾💻 Then on March 9, CodeSee CEO Shanea Leven will lead a developer workshop online for those who want to stand out in the job market! She will guide attendees on how to create a visual map of your codebase that will help you plan, automate and review your next feature, refactor or code review.

✈️ She wrote “How many developers at Southwest warned managers and the executive team that they needed to upgrade their legacy system? All of them.” in her blog post “Don’t be Southwest: Convince your leadership to refactor your codebase

💰 CodeSee has raised over $10 million in venture funding to date, with participation from angel investor Window Snyder (Thistle Technologies CEO & former Chief Security Officer of Square, Intel & Fastly) & many others. 

❤️ Please share with job-seeking friends & networks! Help a girl geek find her next role in tech!

📋 Full conference agenda & FREE registration at ELEVATE.GIRLGEEK.IO

💬 Meet RECRUITERS from Autodesk, Cadence Design Systems, United States Digital Service, CodeSee, & Dematic.

❤️ NETWORK virtually along w/ thousands of women in tech & allies on March 8-9, 2023 celebrating Int’l Women’s Day w/ us & 45+ incredible technical women speakers!

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📋 Full conference agenda & FREE registration at ELEVATE.GIRLGEEK.IO