Claudia Weber

Claudia Weber combined her passion for well-being and optimal performance to create the first ever corporate program for Veterans to reduce stress, anxiety and PTSD utilizing HeartMath™ Technology.   This program has gained the interest of corporations and media alike, Claudia has been recognized by Portland’s KOIN TV Women Crush Wednesday, The Portland Business Journal, and the Institute of HeartMath for her work with Veterans and corporate employees.   She currently works in the IT Accessibility Office where she is focused on creating technical accessibility solutions.

Claudia has a 19year Intel career where she has worked in HR, Finance and IT, managing systems and teams landing new technology and leading organizational change.   Prior to Intel, she spent 6 years in the U.S. Navy and spent 4 years working in Child Psychiatry.  Claudia earned a BA in Business Administration from Columbia College and an MA in Counseling Psychology from the University of St. Martins.  

Claudia lives in Oregon and enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking, skiing and the beautiful North West.   



Military Transition: Vets in Tech

In this session, female vets will share their stories and experiences transitioning into the world of tech. With varied backgrounds, careers, roles, and branches, vets are hardly a monolith and their stories are as varied as they are similar. Join us as they share the challenges and upsides of their amazing journeys.