Cindy Alvarez

Cindy is the author of” Lean Customer Development: Building Products Your Customers Will Buy” and Director of User Experience for Yammer (a Microsoft company). She has over a dozen years’ experience leading design, product management, user research, and customer development for startups, and is currently using that background to drive intrapreneurial change within Microsoft.



The Customer Is Not Always Right

At Girl Geek X "Elevate" conference, Cindy Alvarez (Principal Design Researcher, Microsoft) shares how she realized over the years that 'customers' are ALL the people that you want to convince, trust you, and partner with you. Both your external and internal customers tend to ask for solutions versus shining a light on the underlying problem and what they're actually trying to get done. In this talk, Cindy covers some approaches for redirecting them away from 'what' and towards the 'why' that leads to solutions and opportunities.