Christine Song

Christine is a Software Engineer on the Merchant Team. Prior to moving to San Francisco, she was studying philosophy at the University of Southern California and working as a waitress on the side to support herself while pursuing a wide variety of creative interests such as writing and photography. She worked as a screenwriter and a producer for an LA-based production team from 2014-2015 and found that her interests aligned with the more technical, problem-solving aspect of the industry but Christine never knew how to incorporate that into a career as the most practical work she had been doing was working in the restaurant industry. After working why up to management positions, she realized that this wasn’t what I wanted to do she decided to join a coding boot camp. After a grueling and highly rewarding three months, she started working at the boot camp as a technical admissions specialist and an instructor, and from there, she landed a job as a software engineer at Postmates.



Girl Geek X Postmates Dinner & Talks

Over 150 girl geeks came to Postmates Girl Geek Dinner to hear women share insights about leadership, product engineering, growth, learning to code and more on November 7, 2018 at Postmates HQ in San Francisco! Speakers from Postmates include Allie Morse (Director of Launch & Expansion), Heather Pujals (Growth Product Manager), Samantha Phillips (Product Manager), Bianca Curutan (Mobile Engineer), Christine Song, (Software Engineer) and Amrit Bhatti (Technical Recruiter).