Brittany Perlin Danishevsky

Brittany Perlin Danishevsky is a Solutions Engineer with a passion for solving complex technical problems, supporting customers, and promoting inclusivity in the tech industry. As a Psychology graduate, who didn’t even know what Computer Science was, Brittany never imagined where her career would be today. Brittany has developed strong technical skills, but her true passion lies in building relationships with customers and finding innovative solutions to overcome the challenges they face. Brittany has never related to many of the stereotypes of a technical person, and instead has found her own way to be technical, while also enjoying the relationship building and communication skills that make up the role of a Solutions Engineer. She is passionate about supporting other folks who never saw themselves as technical people, as they find their groove and carve out their role in this industry. Brittany believes that the key to building a more diverse and equitable tech industry is through mentorship, advocacy, and community-building, and is dedicated to working towards this goal every day. With a focus on empathy, collaboration, and inclusivity, Brittany is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of her teammates, customers, and peers alike.