Banu Nagasundaram

Banu Nagasundaram is a Product Marketing Manager with the Artificial Intelligence Products Group at Intel, where she is responsible for Intel AI products positioning and AI benchmarking strategy and acts as the technical marketer for Intel AI products. Previously, Banu was a product marketing engineer with the Data Center Group at Intel, where she was responsible for performance marketing of Xeon Phi, Intel FPGA, and Xeon for AI. Banu is passionate about bringing cutting edge technology products to market and has a history of excelling in technical and management roles in the semiconductors industry. She has designed processors for Department of Energy as part of the exascale supercomputing research with Intel Federal and has also worked at Qualcomm building mobile processors. Banu holds an MS in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Florida and is working toward an MBA at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.



Intel AI Coffee Break

In this session, Banu Nagasundaram will share how optimizing connections to win is like Candy Crush at work.