Ashu Ravichander

Ashu brings a decade of experience as an Engineer and a Product Manager. She is currently a Principal Product Manager on the Workday Platforms team. She has been learning to accept and understand having Bipolar disorder and how it fits in her professional and personal life.

Outside of her day job, she leads product for a nonprofit, the Human Health Project, which connects patients with mental health and other chronic diseases, to advocates that help them navigate the healthcare system. She loves teaching her dogs new things, and this year, they have learned tandem kayaking with their humans.



Riding the Highs and Lows: Navigating Bad Mental Health Days in the Workspace

Ashu Ravichander (Principal Product Manager at Workday) talks about managing her work and her bipolar disorder using five tried-and-true techniques for holding herself up through her highs and lows! Have you ever had a day with a big presentation or deliverable at work, but your mental health was just not cooperating? With a mental health condition like bipolar disorder, you tend to have a lot of these bad days and often at inopportune times. From building spacers to finding your anchors, Ashu shares tips and tricks for navigating bad mental health days at work so you can bring your best, every day that you need to.