Anusha Dharmalingam

Anusha Dharmalingam is an Executive Director and Senior Architect at Athenahealth. In this role, she is responsible for cloud transformation projects at Athenahealth. Previously, she was a Senior Enterprise Architect at Amazon Web Services where she helped enterprises to go through their cloud transformation journey. She is passionate about applying technology for what matters most in a meaningful way. She volunteers / leads lean in groups at her company to motivate Women engineers to become technical leaders and be passionate about coding.



What Does "Being Innovative" Mean in Digital Transformation

Why is cultural change essential for a digital transformation? In her ELEVATE session, Anusha Dharmalingam (Executive Director and Senior Architect at Athenahealth) will discuss how cultural change is essential for digital transformation. She shares the importance of culture of a company when it goes through digital transformation, what “being innovative” means. She will reveal her ideas on how to build effective teams excited about transformation journey.