Amrit Bhatti

Amrit is a Technical Recruiter at Postmates. In 2016, she started as a recruiting coordinator, then sourcer, and now technical recruiter – a role she feels allows her to enact real change. As a woman in tech, Amrit feels passionate about recruiting women, especially for technical leadership positions. In fact, since she began recruiting for Postmates the number of female engineers at the company has more than doubled. Amrit is currently working on building her repertoire of technical hires from backend, frontend, infrastructure, data science, and iOS. When not working, she enjoys traveling and recently went to Europe for the first time – she loved all the food and drinks!



Girl Geek X Postmates Dinner & Talks

Over 150 girl geeks came to Postmates Girl Geek Dinner to hear women share insights about leadership, product engineering, growth, learning to code and more on November 7, 2018 at Postmates HQ in San Francisco! Speakers from Postmates include Allie Morse (Director of Launch & Expansion), Heather Pujals (Growth Product Manager), Samantha Phillips (Product Manager), Bianca Curutan (Mobile Engineer), Christine Song, (Software Engineer) and Amrit Bhatti (Technical Recruiter).