Ames Monko

For more than a decade, Ames has aspired to make complex products more accessible to consumers through simple, elegant design. They have deep experience in the financial space, including stints at Better Mortgage, One Zero Capital, and Climb Credit. They joined Eave in 2018 and haven’t looked back. They are privileged to be reinventing the archaic mortgage process into something simple, elegant, and modern for today’s homebuyers — all in a culture that supports women, gender non-conforming, has fierce pay equity, bottom’s up planning and more.



Women at HomeLight Give Tips on Working in the Real Estate Tech Industry at 2019 Girl Geek X Dinner

At the Homelight Girl Geek X dinner, HomeLight girl geeks talked about how they use data and human emotion to empower decision making. Speakers included Tina Sellards (Facilities & Administration Manager), Sandy Liao, (Head of Talent, Culture & People Operations), Vanessa Brockway (HomeLight Senior Manager of Business Development & Strategy), Molly Laufer (Director of Offline Marketing), Sam Ryan (Product Manager), Jenn Luna (Senior Software Engineer), Mary Remillard (Talent Operations & Culture Specialist), Ames Monko (Product Designer). Recorded at HomeLight HQ on May 23rd, 2019 in downtown San Francisco.