Ambs Kesavan

Ambs is Senior Director of Software Infrastructure Engineering and DevOps at Xilinx. She leads the design and development of compute, storage infrastructure and productivity tools. This includes providing hybrid cloud environments for FPGA and Machine Learning workloads running on-premise, in AWS and other cloud environments. Prior to Xilinx, Ambs worked at eBay and Sun Microsystems in technical leadership and management roles in operating systems, system management and e-commerce software development. Ambs earned her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Madras.



Girl Geek X Xilinx Lightning Talks and Executive Panel

Eva Condron-Wells (Xilinx Senior HR Manager) warmly welcomed the crowd of close to a hundred girl geeks gathered at Xilinx's San Jose headquarters for dinner, demos, networking and talks on March 12, 2019. “Lightning Talks” were led by Niyati Shah (Xilinx Senior Engineer) on Compilers for adaptable compute acceleration, Changyi Su (Xilinx Staff Engineer) on machine learning platforms, and Uma Madhugiri (Xilinx Senior Engineer) on real-time video transcoding. The final portion of the talk was executive panel discussion on Accelerating Computation for Real-Time Machine Learning featuring: Jayashree Rangarajan (Xilinx Senior Director, Software Development), Jennifer Wong (Xilinx Vice President, FPGA Product Development), Ambs Kesavan (Xilinx Senior Director, Software Infrastructure Engineering & DevOps), Lori Pouquette (Xilinx Vice President, Global Customer Operations) and Tom Wurtz as the panel moderator.