Allison Liemhetcharat

Allison Liemhetcharat is generally interested in using artificial intelligence to solve real world problems. At DoorDash Labs, Allison is the technical lead of Simulation and Evaluation, and working to improve autonomy. At Gopuff, Allison was the platform architect and tech lead of Simulation, and led the technical development of the simulation platform to improve business/strategy decision-making, operations and more. At rideOS, she led the simulation platform for a variety of use cases such as sales, integration tests, and autonomous vehicles. Prior to rideOS, Allison was a technical lead at Uber Advanced Technologies Group where she improved the safety, reliability, and decision-making of self-driving vehicles through simulation and motion planning. Allison attained her Ph.D. in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University. Allison cares deeply about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and mentorship, and has led employee resource groups (ERGs) and mentored over 40 people throughout her career.



How I Created 3 Games (of Different Genres) and Was Covered by Engadget During My Sabbatical

Allison Liemhetcharat (Senior Staff Software Engineer at DoorDash) discusses how taking a sabbatical helps tremendously with burnout. She describes the 3 games she developed during her sabbatical, and how game development can be a lot of fun and/or it can be a lot of work.