Ali Littman

Ali has been a technology leader for over 10 years. She has a business degree from Haas at Berkeley and specializes in healthcare with experience spanning traditional brick-and-mortar healthcare to innovative digital health start-ups. She has scaled Omada Health from 1 product to 5 products in the span of about 2 years and is now focused on supporting Modern Health through their hypergrowth journey as their Director of Engineering. She is deeply passionate about companies with strong social missions and dedicates as much time as possible to DEI efforts. She has led women’s ERGs, served on Belonging Councils, mentored women on achieving their goals, been an imposter syndrome coach, and served as peer leader for the SF Engineering Leadership Community (ELC).



How to Get the Promotion You Deserve

Ali Littman (Director of Engineering at Modern Health) shares why those who work hard don't always get the recognition or promotions they deserve. She discusses setting expectations around promotion, developing a plan, taking control, and making sure you grow alongside it.