Girl Geek X Volunteers Share Career Advice With Oakland High School Students

November 12, 2021
Girl Geek X's new partnership with Oakland Public Education Fund in adopting Coliseum College Prep Academy provides valuable experiences for the Girl Geek X volunteers to engage with the local school community. On Friday, November 12, 2021, Girl Geek X community members volun...
March 13, 2021
From leading with your strengths, to managing your manager - and your career for a life of resilience. The March 8 event featured luminary engineering and product leaders who came together to elevate the conversation around women – an important opportunity to empower the women globally in a pandemic with diverse set of talks from technical women leaders on the hard and soft skills needed to succeed.
Girl Geek Podcast Episode 21: Listener Questions

Episode 21: Listener Questions

Resources mentioned in this podcast: "Always Ask For More" - Leyla Seka (former Salesforce EVP) & Jennifer Taylor (Cloudflare) at Elevate 2019 (Video) Girl Geek X SurveyMonkey Lightning Talks & Panel (Video) Episode 18: Why Hiring is Broken with Aline Lerner of int...
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Strava Girl Geek Dinner – Lightning Talks & Executive Leadership Discussion! (Video + Transcript)

September 2, 2021
Like what you see here? Our mission-aligned Girl Geek X partners are hiring! See open jobs at Strava and check out open jobs at our trusted partner companies.Does your company want to sponsor a virtual Girl Geek X event in 2021? Talk to us! Tr...
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