Intersectional feminism

Podcast Highlights: 9 Key Takeaways on Intersectionality

November 14, 2019
In continuing our Podcast Highlights mini series, this week, we're sharing 9 quick takeaways from the Girl Geek X podcast that employees and managers everywhere can benefit from! If you haven’t already subscribed to the Girl Geek X podcast, head on over to iTunes,...
October 18, 2019
NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir made history conducting the first all-female spacewalk in more than five decades of spacewalking! The two ventured outside of the International Space Station for a 6.5-hour mission to replace a failed power controller. Of the 227 people who have participated in spacewalks since the first one took place in 1965, only 14 have been women.
Branding to Stand Out - Personal Branding

Episode 20: Branding

Resources mentioned in this podcast: Girl Geek X Aurora Lightning Talks, Panel and Q&A (Video) Girl Geek X Podcast Episode 11: Introversion, Shyness and Being You "Focus On Your Story, Not The Glory" with Leah McGowan-Hare of Salesforce (Video) from the Girl Geek 2018 ...
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Mode Girl Geek Dinner & Lightning Talks: “Limitless” (Video + Transcript)

November 19, 2019
Like what you see here? Our mission-aligned Girl Geek X partners are hiring! See open jobs at Mode and check out open jobs at our trusted partner companies. Find more Mode Girl Geek Dinner photos from the event – please tag yourselves! Does your ...
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