Best of Elevate 2021 Sessions – From Choosing Your Next Career Opportunity, To Building High-Performance Teams In A Pandemic – And Resilience!

March 27, 2021
Our 4th annual Elevate virtual conference hosted over 4,000 around the world—the largest gathering yet of mid-to-senior women in tech celebrating International Women's Day. By the numbers, Elevate hosted 26 speakers across 17 sessions, supported by 13 sponsors -- check out the...
March 13, 2021
From leading with your strengths, to managing your manager - and your career for a life of resilience. The March 8 event featured luminary engineering and product leaders who came together to elevate the conversation around women – an important opportunity to empower the women globally in a pandemic with diverse set of talks from technical women leaders on the hard and soft skills needed to succeed.
Girl Geek Podcast Episode 21: Listener Questions

Episode 21: Listener Questions

Resources mentioned in this podcast: "Always Ask For More" - Leyla Seka (former Salesforce EVP) & Jennifer Taylor (Cloudflare) at Elevate 2019 (Video) Girl Geek X SurveyMonkey Lightning Talks & Panel (Video) Episode 18: Why Hiring is Broken with Aline Lerner of int...
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“Atlassian Coffee Break – Building Resilient Products”: Swati Raju with Atlassian

May 7, 2021
Transcript of 2021 Elevate session: Angie Chang: We're going to have Swati from Atlassian join us here. And she will be sharing about building resilient products while we all grab a coffee or a tea and kind of get re-energized for the afternoon. I know it's a long day of t...
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