What action can you take today for Black Lives Matter?

June 9, 2020
Many of today's calamities feel beyond our control -- a global pandemic, a recession (and bonkers stock market), but the Black Lives Matter movement -- we can actually DO SOMETHING about this! We asked the team at Girl Geek X to share a good resource, or something we are doi...
June 26, 2020
Congrats to Aicha Evans, CEO of the self-driving technology development company!
Girl Geek Podcast Episode 21: Listener Questions

Episode 21: Listener Questions

Resources mentioned in this podcast: "Always Ask For More" - Leyla Seka (former Salesforce EVP) & Jennifer Taylor (Cloudflare) at Elevate 2019 (Video) Girl Geek X SurveyMonkey Lightning Talks & Panel (Video) Episode 18: Why Hiring is Broken with Aline Lerner of int...
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“Every Job is a D&I Job. Every. Job.”: Aubrey Blanche with Culture Amp (Video + Transcript)

June 30, 2020
Transcript: Gretchen DeKnikker: Okay, everyone. Welcome back. Our next session is with Aubrey Blanche. She is the Director and Global Head of Equitable Design and Impact at Culture Amp. We first discovered her at the Atlassian event. And if you need more stuff to watch later, pl...
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