5 Genius Gift Ideas For Girl Geeks For 2020

November 11, 2020
Champion the unapologetically ambitious! Girl Geek X supports women who support women. Nab some swag and tag us (@girlgeekx) on social - we love to see how you are styling this winter. Here are some fresh face masks, hoodies, pillows, and even bumper stickers to cheer on wom...
October 14, 2020
Starbucks is mandating antibias training for executives and tie their compensation to increasing minority representation in its workforce. Goals: at least 30% of U.S. corporate employees (and 40% of U.S. retail and manufacturing employees) to be people of color by 2025.
Girl Geek Podcast Episode 21: Listener Questions

Episode 21: Listener Questions

Resources mentioned in this podcast: "Always Ask For More" - Leyla Seka (former Salesforce EVP) & Jennifer Taylor (Cloudflare) at Elevate 2019 (Video) Girl Geek X SurveyMonkey Lightning Talks & Panel (Video) Episode 18: Why Hiring is Broken with Aline Lerner of int...
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Inflection Girl Geek Dinner – Lightning Talks

November 18, 2020
Like what you see here? Our mission-aligned Girl Geek X partners are hiring! See open jobs at Inflection and check out open jobs at our trusted partner companies.Does your company want to sponsor a virtual Girl Geek X event in 2021? Talk to us! Transcript of Inflectio...
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