240 women who can speak at your event ban the manels

NO MORE EXCUSES FOR ALL-MALE PANELS: A List of 240 Women Who Can Speak at Your Next Tech Event!

August 29, 2019
I recently logged into LinkedIn to find yet another spammy InMail message from someone trying to sell me something. Shocker. Unlike most that go straight to trash, however, this one caught my attention: it was a free invitation for the Girl Geek X team and our community to atten...
July 26, 2019

Episode 17: Emotional Vulnerability

Transcript: Angie Chang: Welcome to Girl Geek X Podcast connecting you with insights from women in tech. This is Angie, founder of Girl Geek X and Women 2.0. Sukrutha Bhadouria: This is Sukrutha. By day I'm an engineering manager. Gretchen DeKnikker: This is Gretchen and I've ...
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Girl Geek X Clover Lighting Talks & Panel (Video + Transcript)

September 10, 2019
Like what you see here? Girl Geek mission-aligned partners are hiring! See open jobs at Clover and check out recent open jobs at our trusted partner companies. Transcript from Clover Girl Geek X Dinner: Gretchen DeKnikker: Hi, I'm Gretchen, I'm with Girl Geek. Welcome. How ...
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