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Girl Geek X

A Decade of Girl Geek X Community Growth

Girl Geek X began over ten years ago, occurring up and down the San Francisco Bay Area, hosting almost 200 events at over 150 companies. The goal is to give women the mic and give them the opportunity to be awesome in speaking about their expertise and learnings. The other goal is networking and job hunting, as as 33% of attendees are actively looking at new opportunities and over 70% are open to hearing about new roles. When women attend a Girl Geek Dinner, they are open to being recruited.

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Our Mission

The retention and recruitment of mid-level / senior women in tech is a critical lever for increasing the number of women CEOs, executives, engineers and entrepreneurs. We aim to connect women across companies large and small for the purposes of networking and sharing career advice in the fast-paced tech industry. At these events, women share thought leadership in their areas of STEM expertise, as well as best practices on achieving productive work/life balance for successful careers in STEM.

The Girl Geek X Team

Angie ChangAngie Chang (CEO & Co-Founder, Girl Geek X)
Angie is the CEO and co-founder of Girl Geek X (formerly Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners). She served as VP Partnerships at Hackbright Academy (acquired by Capella Education Company). Angie led partnerships with employers from February 2013 to February 2017 at Hackbright, building valuable hiring partnerships with Uber, Slack, GoDaddy, Redfin, Indiegogo and more. She also created the mentorship program which enlisted 700+ industry engineers as volunteers over 4 years, and connected countless women to new jobs in tech. In 2008, Angie started Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners to network women in technology. Prior to that, Angie co-founded Women 2.0, a media company promoting female entrepreneurship, where she was editor-in-chief. She has held roles at tech companies (eg. web producer, PM). She earned her B.A. in English & Social Welfare from UC Berkeley. Angie was named in Fast Company’s “Most Influential Women in Technology”. Follow her on Twitter at @thisgirlangie. Email!

Sukrutha BhadouriaSukrutha Bhadouria (CTO & Co-Founder, Girl Geek X)
Sukrutha is the CTO and co-founder of Girl Geek X, and a Senior Engineering Manager at Salesforce. Sukrutha graduated from USC with an M.S. in Electric Engineering. Sukrutha is involved in Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners because she wants to change the world for girls, one geek dinner at a time, and she is passionate about technology, gender diversity, and engineering leadership. In 2014, Sukrutha was named in Business Insider’s list of “30 Most Important Women Under 30 In Tech“and “San Francisco Business Times 40 Under 40” Tech Titans of 2016. In her spare time, Sukrutha trains for races – swimming, running, biking. Follow her on Twitter at @sukruthasays. Email!

Gretchen DeKnikkerGretchen DeKnikker (COO, Girl Geek X)
Gretchen is COO at Girl Geek X. From founding employee to founder, she’s been launching and scaling enterprise software companies since way back in the last century. Most recently, she led SaaStr from a simple blog to the world’s largest global community of 100K+ B2B founders, execs and investors, and previously co-founded SocialPandas, back by True Ventures. Gretchen attended DotCom University double majoring in Boom and Bust and holds an MBA from UC Berkeley. In her spare time, she’s a diversity and inclusion advocate who loves bacon, bourbon and hip hop. Follow her on Twitter at @gretchende. Email!