Rachael Stedman

Rachael was an engineering manager for the infrastructure and backend teams at Lever, a collaborative hiring software product helping companies recruit and grow their teams. She joined the team in 2014 as a product engineer and was one of the first employees to kickoff internal discussions around diversity and inclusion. Before Lever, Rachael was with Mobiquity, a professional services startup that builds mobile applications for enterprise, as it grew from less than 50 people to over 250. She has also spent some time in Australia getting to know the start up community in Melbourne. She enjoys listening to audiobooks on 3x and attending spoken word poetry slams.



Engineering Leadership Perspectives

Engineering Leadership Girl Geek Dinner in 2017 featuring Engineering Leadership Perspectives from Kimber Lockhart (CTO, One Medical), Jen-Mei Wu (Architect, Indiegogo), Arquay Harris (Director of Engineering, Slack) and Rachael Stedman (Engineering Manager, Lever). Hosted by Angie Chang (Founder, Girl Geek X) and Sukrutha Bhadouria (CTO, Girl Geek X & Senior Engineering Manager, Salesforce).