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Why Sponsor Girl Geek X?

See our decade of growth as a Girl Geek X communityPartner with Girl Geek X to extend the impact of a Girl Geek X Dinner beyond a one-night-wonder. We partner with companies to share job listings, elevate women as technical leaders/speakers, host events and conferences, and share success stories of diverse women in male-dominated professions. Companies including Slack have hired engineering leaders from hosting an event.

Today, Girl Geek X reaches over 16,000 women in tech in the SF Bay Area who are excited about learning about new technology, meeting other women in tech, and hearing their fellow girl geeks speak onstage at these events.

See our attendee snapshotThe Girl Geek X community is comprised of a wide number of functions (the majority in Engineering and Product). With nearly 50% of attendees holding titles of manager or above, earlier-career attendees have a multitude of networking opportunities that we regularly hear result in new hires!

If you’d like to partner with Girl Geek X, please take a look at our 2019 Girl Geek X Sponsorship Prospectus.

How To Sponsor A Girl Geek X Event

Partner with Girl Geek X and access a global audience of women, allies, and underrepresented PoC. Lead the forward-thinking conversation of women in tech, business and leadership to increase employee retention by providing visibility to your female leaders, attract new candidates, and help women everywhere develop the critical skills they need to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Companies benefit from partnering with Girl Geek X in three ways:

  • Recruiting: Leverage multiple touchpoints to support your recruiting efforts beyond the night of the event. Provide prospective employees from diverse backgrounds with a genuine sense of your culture and the type of people they could expect to work with in your organization. Widen your pipeline and hit your diversity goals.
  • Retention: Fortify your retention efforts by spotlighting underrepresented leaders to your entire organization. Demonstrate your commitment to walking the talk by ensuring a level playing field within your organization.
  • Reputation: Establish your organization as leader in diversity and inclusion by providing a platform to highlight female, PoC, LGBTQ and allied leaders within your company to a worldwide audience.

If you’d like to partner with Girl Geek X, please take a look: